Bumbu Toys


Our Story. Bumbu Family.

Many small turns in the road take us to our biggest decisions. My wife and I both share the same memory, our grandfathers skillfully shaping wood, with eyes completely entranced on a workbench and weathered hands carefully guiding a carpenter’s plane or a chisel.

As children we used to watch their hands woodworking for hours, making as little noise as possible as if to not break a spell. When we decided to open a small business making wooden toys in rural Romania, those moments of wonder gave us confidence in our own skills as artisans.

The seeds from which Bumbu Toys grew were planted in our hearts a long time ago and now it’s our turn to transform wood into something equally beautiful, passing small pieces of that magic to little hands all around the world.

Our animal figurines are designed, cut and painted by hand in Romania using different varieties of local hardwood. Each piece is unique and we pour a lot of love, passion and time in everything we make. We use high quality products to ensure everything we make will be a worthy companion for even the more adventurous partners in play. After sanding and hand painting we use organic oil to prevent sweat and saliva from damaging the wood.

In an effort to perfect our product and ensure our toys are as inclusive as possible we consult in our design process with a psychologist that specializes in early child development and intervention.

As a small family run business we strive to preserve a way of life centered on slow living, treating those around us with respect and trying to create a space where local craftsmanship can flourish.