Our Story

We're 2 mummies who didn't play enough during our childhood (who ever did anyway?!) and the playfulness in us got ignited when we brought our children into this world.

We started creating purposeful play moments with our children, experimenting with different tools, growing our toy collection and realized one thing - children learns best during play using their senses. Not only does it promote gross and fine motor skills, it encourages creativity, imagination and most importantly, the time spent on play greatly boost the bond between parents and children, which help in developing their social skills. 

Peekasense (PEEKAboo+SENSE) is then born, hoping to see your curious child(ren) enjoying play (with our toys!) and learning at the same time. We hope to bring the same joy and laughter we have at our home to your home. 

Be assured that we hand-picked these sustainable toys to create wide possibilities of open-ended plays. Oh, did we mentioned that sustainable toys can be passed down through the generations, making them even better for the environment and for your family? ;)