Bumbu Toys Hedgehog Big
Bumbu Toys Hedgehog Big
Bumbu Toys Hedgehog Big
Bumbu Toys Hedgehog Big
Bumbu Toys

Bumbu Toys Hedgehog Big

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Bumbu Toys figurine is made of Romanian wood, handcrafted in Romania. Each product represents a unique piece, designed with love and care. Thus, our toys offer children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the imaginary world of live play. It is sanded, painted and oiled with water-based paints and organic oils. 

A hedgehog may be a familiar sight in any European garden but in Ancient Egypt, with its varied ecosystems and its diverse flora and fauna, hedgehogs were not only a familiar sight but one that was full of symbolism and hidden meaning for the one who happened to see one. Animals were an important part of their everyday life and early depictions of hedgehogs can be found as early as the Predynastic Era. Small engravings, statues and even painted artwork depict hedgehogs and help us understand the way Ancient Egyptians lived by learning what held special meaning for them.

While hedgehogs were seen as protectors in Ancient Egypt because of their ability to roll up into a ball as a means to protect themselves, our own hedgehog is just as famous but for an altogether different reason. Last winter, while hibernating, he accidentally rubbed his snout on some strange root and come spring everyone kept calling him Rudolph. Although the reddish tint went away in a few days the name Rudolph stuck.

Could there anything cuter than a hedgehog named Rudolph?
  • Lime wood
  • Non-toxic paints EN 71 standard
  • Dimension: 6cm x 3.5cm x 2cm
  • Our products are made one by one by hand and may differ slightly from those shown in the pictures. You get a unique piece!
  • Actual colors may vary a little from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and on the individual monitor colors settings.

 Suitable for children aged 3 years+